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Go green

If you are concerned about global warming, or just want to do the right thing and be green... then go log!

Find out more about green building with logs under the G tab.

Handcrafted or...

Milled Log Home?  Building a log home is quite different than building a stick home. This site will help you with the terminology and the process. If you bookmark this below, you'll have it for future reference.

Log Home & Timber Frame Glossary of Terms
Photo courtesy of PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

Can you identify the 'Scissor Truss', 'Purlins', 'Log Profile', 'Corner Style', 'Ridge Vents' or other components of this log and Timber Frame Hybrid home?

If you want to know what makes up a modern log home or timber frame building... or what is meant by terms such as Swedish cope, butt-and-pass, clean peeled logs or saddle notch corners, then you may need a crash course in LogHomeologyOr maybe just a good reference source.

Photo courtesy of PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes.
Get Free Info from PrecisionCraft Log Homes.

Finally a consumer education resource for people who were not raised in the Northwoods, or grew up with with Babe the blue ox.  The science behind a log home or timber frame building is alien to most of us... now you have a convenient knowledgebase.

Looking under every leaf

Looking under every leaf so that you don't need to! What we are creating with is a glossary of terms and phrases associated with log homes and timber frame structures and building methods. In addition, where appropriate we include pictures or drawings of the term being presented.  If we missed something PLEASE email us with your suggestions. is the largest and most complete log home and timber frame reference glossary online. Be sure to Bookmark this site so that you can refer to it when needed.

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If you found your way to these pages, you are in all likelihood looking for log home information. In addition to this reference source, you should also visit the Log Home Directory that sponsors this information.

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Attention Log & Timber Frame Industry

Share your log & timber terms knowledge...

If you submit a new term for inclusion in this glossary, we will reward you for your time by acknowledging credit and adding an acknowledgment link to your website. An example I just made up the word...


The methodology behind half-timbered construction in which a visible skeletal frame supports the structure. This is also referred to as "timber frame" construction, a building method using mortise and tenon joinery that is centuries old.

Acknowledgment: The Log Cabin Directory

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