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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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Loghomeology definition

Face Side

The 'best face' or side of a board or timber that shows the best quality.


The vertical boards nailed to the lower ends of rafters. That piece of trim on which you would mount gutters.  See soffit.


Hardware used to anchor, mount and secure logs and timbers.  Refers to a nail, screw, bolt, wooden pegs or anchor (i.e. pipe).  Most log packages will include all fasteners to assemble the log shell.


Used to prevent water entry between areas of a roof, deck, or siding to an adjoining surface such as a chimney, wall, or vent pipe, etc. Typically made out of copper or aluminum, rubber or tar.

Foam Gasket

A water resistant foam material that is inserted between logs and other building components to prevent air and water from entering. Tongue and groove log systems use foam gaskets that compress to seal the joint between rows of logs.

Footing (Footer)

The below-grade (underground) portion of foundation that the foundation walls set on.  Usually trenches of poured concrete surrounding the perimeter of the home or below each pier.


The structure (poured concrete, pilings, etc.) that supports the first-floor construction and may be partially located below grade.


With a stick-built house, lumber used for structural members to which roofs, floors, and sides are attached. 

Framing Chisel

A large heavy chisel with a long blade used with a heavy mallet in the shaping of timbers, joints and fittings.


FroeA tool used to split shakes and shingles from thick stock by splitting it along the grain. It is used by hammering the blade in the direction of the grain, and twisting the blade by rotating the handle (haft).

Free of heart center (FOHC)

The central growth ring of the tree (pith) is called 'Heart Center'. Boards or logs with heart center will commonly check (split) during the drying process. Select heart and higher grades are free of heart center. "Free of heart center" means the absence of pith from finished lumber products.

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