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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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Loghomeology definition


The sides, top, and sill of a window, door, or other opening.


That part of a structure that 'jets out' or projects and overhangs the wall below. An upper floor in which a horizontal beam (jetty bressummer) supports the wall above and projects beyond the floor below.


The joining together of wood components often without employing mechanical or non-wood fasteners. In furniture and log home and timberframe construction, joinery most often refers to corner techniques and mortise and tenon joints. Joinery used to build a house is different from that used to make toys, but elements of the process overlap.


The structural members which support the floor and ceiling loads. A joist is one of the horizontal supporting members that run from wall to wall, wall to beam or beam to beam, to support a ceiling, roof (or floor). Typically a beam is bigger than a joist and thus is distinguished from a joist.  See also I-Joists.

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