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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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Loghomeology definition

Kiln Drying

Kiln dried logs have had their moisture content reduced as a result of heat and humidity conditioning to artificially dry the log ultimately reducing the effects of shrinking, checking and warping of the logs when used later in construction.  Kiln drying green wood permits it to be used immediately.  Kilns are thermally controlled compartments (or ovens), in which proscribed temperature regimes accelerate the moisture removal. Also see 'air drying'.

King post trussKing Post

A central vertical supporting post extending from a crossbeam (bent plate or girt) to the apex of the rafters or a triangular truss.

Knee Brace

A small support timber (often decorative) that is framed diagonally between a post and a beam via a mortise and tenon joint. The strength of the frame structure is significantly dependent upon properly fitted knee braces.

Knee Wall

A short wall, usually under three feet in height; commonly called a half-wall, or partial-wall.  These walls can be of any length and are most often used to provide additional support to roof rafters with a wide span.


Discolorations and compositions in wood as a result of branches growing from the tree. Grades are determined by the size and frequency of knots. The fewer knots in a board, the better the grade (clear, #2, etc.) and the more expensive it is.

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