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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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Loghomeology definition


A lintel or header is a horizontal log, beam or support member spanning an opening in a wall, such as a door or window opening.  (also lintol or lintil, lyntil)

Load-Bearing Wall

A wall that supports its weight and the weight of the corresponding structure located above it.  See non-load bearing wall.  As a rule interior walls that run perpendicular to the run of the floor joists above and below are load bearing walls.

Log Builder Associations

Log Homes Council, founded in 1970, is a national organization with membership comprised of manufacturers of log homes. The LHC is part of the Building Systems Councils, a council of the National Association of Home Builders.
National Association
of Home Builders
1201 15th Street
Washington, D.C 20005

800.368.5242, Ext. 8567
FAX: (202)266-8141

International Log Builders' Association Founded in 1974, a worldwide organization dedicated to furthering the craft of handcrafted log building, to the advancement of log builders, and to the promotion of the highest standards of their trade.
PO Box 775
Lumby, BC
V0E 2G0 Canada

Phone: (250) 547-8776
Fax: (250) 547-8775


Logs come in two flavors, milled or handcrafted. Milled logs are uniform in diameter and fashioned to fit together by various methods such as coping, tongue and groove, etc. Handcrafted logs are peeled, notched and scribed by hand to tie in with the logs that rest above and below.

Log Grading

Logs are inspected and graded in accordance with standards set forth by Timber Products Inspection, Inc. TPI is the largest independent wood products inspection and testing agency in the U.S. Logs are evaluated (graded) according to specific standards to ensure safe and sound construction. The TPI grade-stamp is located on every log between the tongues. The Log Homes Council is one of the Building Systems Councils of the National Association of Home Builders [NAHB]. The LHC Grading Program establishes a formal program of quality control and quality assurance.

Log Package

A log package can mean different things from various manufacturers. A basic package usually contains the materials and support services that provide the log wall system, roof system, windows and doors, etc. Most companies also include weather sealants, log fasteners, set of drawings, and delivery to the job site. When comparing 'apples to apples' from different companies, make sure the packages you are reviewing contain the same elements.

Log Profile

The cross-sectional shape of a milled log. There are a variety of milled profiles such as D log, square, rounds, log siding, Swedish Cope, etc.  Some manufacturers have their own unique profiles and names.  The log profile and the sealants and fasteners used to secure the logs identifies the manufacturer’s log system.

Log Shell

Most manufacturers describe a shell package to include the basic structure of a log home's outer shell that usually includes the sub-floor system, log wall system, second-story floor system and roof system.

Log Siding

Milled from dimensional lumber that is machined to have a log appearance.  Log siding creates the appearance of a full log home, but offers the convenience of a stick-built, hollow wall structure and is very affordable. Log siding is designed with tongue and groove edges making installation easy while conserving raw materials making it a zero-waste product. To see a list of log siding suppliers, go here.


Laminated Veneer Lumber has consistent dimensions and density and is stronger and straighter than traditional lumber. Visit LVL website. Also see Glulam.

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