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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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About 'Loghomeology'

Don't let 'em buffalo you!

Don't let 'em buffalo you!

Log and timber frame homes are related to stick-built homes in the way buffalos are related to cows.  There are many similarities, but they are very different animals. We've got 'ya covered!

Some log home companies don't always do the best job of explaining the technicalities - the art and science behind log and timber homes.  They will use terms such as "Swedish cope, butt-and-pass or saddle notch" and a bunch of other strange sounding phrases and just assume that you know what they are talking about.

Helping you decipher this strange language is what is all about!  Bookmark this site and refer to it as you research your dream home.  Oh and BTW, did you happen to take Loghomeology 101 in college?

About us

Loghomeology is a project begun by the editors of the Log Cabin Directory. If you are not familiar with us, our directory is one of the largest sources of dealers, builders and manufacturers listed by state,  and in-depth log home and timber frame information. To learn more about us and our directories, visit this page.

What's inside?

Knowledge!  As you travel down this path of investigating log home companies, floorplans and external designs, you will uncover terms that can be confusing. is your "cheat sheet" for this exciting experience.

leafIn some cases it will be a design option and in others, a structural issue may dictate or limit your options.  Nonetheless, having an understanding about what these terms mean and what something actually looks like will help you with the many decisions you'll make when choosing a log home and the company who will build it..