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Top 10 FLOOR PLANS from the leading log home manufacturers!
Log Home Floor Plans
We asked the leading  manufacturers of log homes to showcase their "Top 10" floor plans for log homes!

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Loghomeology definition


North Eastern Lumber Manufacturer's Association is the rules writing agency for eastern white pine lumber and the grading authority for eastern spruce, balsam fir, spruce pine fir (SPF) species grouping.


Horizontal timbers forming the tops and bottoms of the frames of infill-panels.

Non-load-bearing Wall

Or non-bearing load wall is an interior wall that supports its own weight and has no bearing on the structural integrity of the building. See load bearing wall.

Notch (Notching)

Notching timbers to seat other support timbers.  A recess cut into a log to accept another log intersecting it at an angle. There are many different types of notches.

Blind Notch is a notch that does not extend completely through the log.
Boxed Lapped Notch is cut squarely into part of each timber.
Dovetail Notch where the log ends cut into a dovetail.
Half Dovetail Notch only one side is sloped.
Mitered Lapped Notch has a 45-degree slope on the sides of the square notch.
Round Notch in which the profile of the log exhibits the shape of a partial circle on the underside.
Round Sheep's Head Notch is the same as a Sheep's Head Notch except that the outer cuts retain a round shape.
Saddle Notch is triangular in profile.
Sheep's Head Notch has sloped sides partially cut out of each log.
Square Notch has the appearance of a round notch on the exterior but inside has a square interlocking lap.


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